EDS' AccessPost

EDS' AccessPost™ provides more advantages than any other passive post. The patented, thick-walled, hollow tube design and the undercuts of the head and shank offer . . . Strength, Retention, and Stability . . . with the added insurance policy of Retreatability . All at a competitive cost to the dentist.

  • The undercuts of the head and shank provide excellent core material retention.

  • Resists rotation of core material and locks-in post cement to provide high retention of shank.

Countersinking the post into the tooth prevents high apical stress under function common to other passive posts.


Additional Post products

Flexi-Post and Flexi-Flange

Through the incorporation of the patented split shank, the stresses of insertion are absorbed by the post (not the root) during placement.

flexi-post and Flexi-Flange fiber

These are the only fiber posts to provide superior retention and stability without requiring the use of a bonding agent! 


Based upon a patented split-shank post, the ball and socket attachment delivers all the benefits of the Flexi-Post for highest retention of full and partial dentures.


The EZ-Fit post is the most advanced post in its' class. Unlike "dowel" fiber posts, the second tier prevents "bottoming out" which eliminates the high apical stresses under function common to other passive posts.